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VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Evgeni Plushenko isn't awarding himself a new medal. Or creating one, for that matter.
Reports Tuesday said a picture of the Olympic silver medalist's latest prize was labeled "platinum of Vancouver" on Plushenko's official Web site. His medal from the Salt Lake City Games was properly identified as silver. But agent Ari Zakarian said no one had authority to do this "stupid thing," and Plushenko himself was not aware of it.

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Star Trek star Chris Pine grabs a late night dinner with the host of G4’s Attack of the Show!, Olivia Munn, in Los Angeles on Tuesday night (December 8).

Chris and Olivia (both 29) have been romantically linked for about a month.

Earlier in the day, Olivia tweeted, “I love LA.” Well of course you do, honey. You’ve snagged one of Hollywood’s hottest leading men!

And Olivia definitely is a fan of Chris and his work in Star Trek. Earlier this week, Olivia made a Trekkie reference, saying, “Captain’s Log 2646… been up since 4am for shoot.”

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First look @ our Marlins Website

So my friends and I have been kicking around this idea of starting a Marlins fan site that would give people insight into the Fish (how awesome they are) and us (we are Le Crazy). It would include pictures, blogs, parodies of the guys we do, jokes, news, whatever we want.

I made this last night.


Picture of the Day

This is Evelyn McHale. She committed suicide by jumping off the Empire State Building on May 1, 1947. Clutching only her pearls, she landed on top of a limousine parked below. This photo was taken minutes after her death. She looks so peaceful.

Burke Badenhop: Hawt Lisp

Okay, I was watching Hopper on Marlins live the other day and I noticed one peculiar thing about him. Now, I know this guy is intelligent. He graduated from Bowling Green State with a 3.94 gpa. I know that he is a nerd. Just look at him, lol. But I didn't realized until a few day ago that he has a LISP.


Bitches, bow down because Burlke Badenhop has the greatest lisp in the game! He's so sexy I just wanna hear him say Sally sold seashells by the sea shore seven times fast. Ooooh talk dirty to me like a snake! Ssssssssss.


Epic Pinto Post: Awesome Fan Fiction Edition



Chris suddenly felt all of the emotions of the past half hour surge together in a strange, drugged rush. He wanted, more than anything, to kill that sniper. Or to fuck Zach. Or to fight with him, for real this time. He wanted to scream, to save the entire room, to kill everyone in it, to just run away, or burst into tears. His tongue, he realized, was still tingling with Zach's kiss, and then he wanted, more than anything, to kiss Zach again, and for that tingle to never go away.

But Chris had become somehow ingrained to this exercise now. He didn't look. He barely moved. But he gave Zach's cock a firm squeeze with his hand, and, rubbing his fingers over the head of the shaft to lubricate them with the drops of fluid there, he encircled Zach and began to move. He started with rapid, light thrusts, alternating them with the occasional heavy, pressing push.

"My name is Mark, and I have a question for Zach..." Chris felt, rather than saw, Zach's head snap up. "What has been your most difficult role?"

Chris, drunk with lust, still felt for his friend in that moment. It was bad enough to be jacked off like this and have to be still... it wasn't fair to have to speak, too. Chris tried to make his movements smooth, so as not to knock Zach off pace, but he had a job to do, and the seconds were ticking away. One minute. The sniper would know if he failed. Chris let his fingers tickle and tease, the muscles of his hand caress and massage and rub quickly with heated friction. Talk if you can, but COME. And stay alive.

"That's. A tough question, Mark." Zach paused, his voice sounding oddly breathless, and again, Chris admired how together he sounded... but Zach hardly sounded like his usual self. He sounded very far away, as though he were in some distant zen headspace where language still existed beyond the pull of the hideous ecstacy of the body.

"Because... the roles are all hard... so hard. In different ways." Chris, who was feeling just exactly how hard things could get for his friend, felt a dim agreement with this. He sped up his pumping, letting the friction burn just a little. Zach swallowed so hard that Chris could hear it. "But Spock certainly... presented the most... unique... set of challenges." Chris tightened his fingers, slowing down and concentrating on a finger-rippling pressure. "... he was so REPRESSED." The word nearly burst out of Zach's throat. "My only... opportunity to display... the beauty of emotion... of his emotion... was through... CONTACT with other characters."

Chris felt Zach's voice almost hammering at him through the haze that was covering his eyes. The seconds were still ticking away, and Zach's control was overcoming Chris's efforts. Chris forgot any special tricks and simply started pumping and yanking, almost painfully, and without even thinking about how he was disobeying the rules, he whispered low enough that only Zach would hear it, "Come for me, Zach. NOW."

Chris felt a sudden rising pressure in Zach's cock and knew that he'd finally hit the mark. Zach, miraculously, was still talking, and somehow, his voice was even smoother. It became almost musical, sonorous, and Chris realized that Zach's lower stomach must be taut as an anvil, as a singer's would be during a dance number. "Spock only found emotional release in the touch of another, and so I was forced to hold back... hold back... until another character set him... free..." somehow, Chris could hear unshed tears in Zach's voice. The next words came out as half a song, half a whisper, nakedly emotional: "And then... let go... and then... let... go..." Chris felt the hardness in his hands suddenly shift to a steady pulsing, hot gushes of liquid bursting over his fingers and dripping down his hand. He continued to move, milking Zach completely dry, until the pulsing ceased. Five seconds to spare.